Team Godspeed

Social Media
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Our Target Audience

Posts, tailored for your audience.

Strike a chord, make a connection and establish trust in consumers.

We recognize our target audience on different platforms and work accordingly in order to provide a seamless experience for our followers. We pay attention to SEO analytics and other ways to measure our reach and modify our content to meet the community guidelines for our followers on various platforms.

We also keep our content short and concise, keeping in mind the 8-second attention span of an average human.

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Engineers to Designers 

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We Engineer. We Design everything from scratch.

Our posts are not just based on our gut feelings and instincts. Each post is a pre-planned concept, designed on paper, and fabricated on software.

Special care is given to the colors and font family we use, to create a perfect blend of design elements which is a pleasure to the eyes of the viewer.


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We know what, where and when to write.

A general rule of thumb is 3-4 accounts that showcase your brand and highlights your business’ personality. It can be difficult to find the right balance between having enough accounts that will showcase your brand, but not so many that it becomes extremely time-consuming. 

Even our sponsors will share our success to inform their audience of us and the competition. This will result in mutual benefits and integrate with other forms of marketing, like website and social media pages.

The voice, tone, moderation and audience of each social media is tweaked to ensure that the communication is highly effective to all of our information. We call this strategy the “compartmentalisation of words through paronomasia.”